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11.09.06, 13:08
Guten Morgen,

ich habe jetzt schon mehrfach gelesen das AVAST Vista Ready sein soll. Leider bekomme ich es im RC1 nicht ans laufen.

Es kommt immer ein RCP - Fehler.

Vista meldet das dies ein bekannter Fehler ist und ich solle mich auf der AVAST Webseite umschauen. Da lade ich dann das aktuelle Programm runter und wenn ich es Instaliere passiert wieder das gleiche.

Also ist AVAST wirklich Vista ready?


11.09.06, 20:24
Aus dem englischen Forum:

Hi all,

as promised, here's the new (pre-release) version of the upcoming update of avast! Home/Professional. The main feature of this (unofficial) release is added compatibility with Vista RC1.

How to install it: this time, I'm providing direct links to whole setup packages (as for Vista, you need to install it from scratch, as opposed to using the avast program updater; on non-Vista systems, you can use the old aswBeta trick which will give you v4.7.881 as well).

Avast! Home (English):
http://files.avast.com/files/beta/4.7.881/setupeng.exe (~11MB)

Avast! Professional (English):
http://files.avast.com/files/beta/4.7.881/setupengpro.exe (~11MB)

Avast! Home (multilingual):
http://files.avast.com/files/beta/4.7.881/setupful.exe (~40MB)

Avast! Professional (multilingual):
http://files.avast.com/files/beta/4.7.881/setupfulpro.exe (~40MB)

There is a number of fixes in this release. Here's the list of most important changes:

* avast is now compatible with Windows Vista RC1 (but Vista still warns that there are some "compatibility issues" when the main avast scanner is executed - we're working together with MS on removing these warnings; hopefully, by the time the update goes official, we'll have this fixed, too). Also, there are two remaining known problems on Vista: 1) the eicar.com test file is not detected ON EXECUTE (as opposed to on-download, on-open, on-write etc), and 2) avast sounds are not installed
* added back CHM unpacker (and this time, as an added benefit, it should work even in the boot-time scanner)
* fixed a bug that could be causing crash of the scanner on certain UPX packed executable (PLEASE TEST full on-demand scans)
* added a workaround to problems with compatibility with Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall (remaints of menus on the screen + seldom hang of avast program on start)
* better detection of ZoneAlarm Pro (to prevent unnecessary WebShield incompatibility warnings)